What's ATS?

Angel the Series.

what do you think would have happened with the characters angel, cordelia, and wesley if ats hadn't succeeded as a spin-off? do you think they might have come back to buffy, and if so, what do you think/hope would have happened with them?

I think Angel would have made a few appearances from time to time for sure (which he did anyway). I don’t think Wesley would come back at all. I mean, there was really nothing left for him in Sunnydale imo. The only thing keeping him there in the first place was the fact that he was Buffy’s official watcher, and once she quit he was no longer needed. He didn’t have any family or strong friendships there so his rogue demon hunting after his time on btvs made perfect sense. Developing his character on ats was a much better fit.

I really wanted a btvs episode where Cordy came back to Sunnydale anyway. It’s one of my ultimate dreams for her to reconnect with the Scoobies and for them to see what had become of her. She transformed so much within a few short years and I think it would be interesting to see her reunited with everyone. I like to think there would be a bit of a clash between reverting to how she used to converse with them (sarcasm etc) plus maybe a bit more empathy and enthusiasm towards whatever they were fighting or whichever apocalypse they were averting that week. But again, if ats never happened, I’m not sure she would have been brought back anyway so I’m really grateful that we get to see how much she grows in LA.

Though angel was with cordelia do you think they would have lasted if the show had continued and if she hadn't died? Buffy was his true love so does that mean that they would have come back together at some point? Would buffy have found a way to be immortal to stay with him or would she have continued to age and then die eventually?

All good questions.

I think so. But the thing about their relationship was they were in love but they weren’t like a couple couple, you know? They both put the mission ahead of themselves and I think it’s one of the strongest aspects of their relationship because it builds around the respect and admiration they have for each other. Had the events of s3-4 not transpired the way they did, I think they might have had a better shot.

As for Buffy, after everything she’s been through and fought for, I honestly don’t believe she would give up mortality even for Angel. I’m not sure it’s something Angel would wish for her either.
Would they get back together at some point? Idk. Obviously they couldn’t ever have sex, so if that’s something they could both live without…who knows?

what are your opinions on Xander, the scoobies, and dawn? Zander could be extremely judgmental and inflexible. He would scold buffy and was often unwilling to hear her pov, then complain that she wasnt sharing. The scoobies deserted buffy on two occasions that I can think of: not helping her become homecoming queen & KICKING HER OUT OF HER OWN HOUSE & and dawn was for it..even after EVERYTHING buffy did for them. What do you think?

I love ‘em all. They’re all flawed and none of them are perfect and that’s what I like. They’re all imperfect people from broken homes who make each other better. Buffy being kicked out was just unnecessary, so all my blame is placed on the writing. Nothing positive or constructive came out of that event, and then everyone just forgave her like a day later so basically it was all for nothing and that’s what annoys me the most.

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